Stand up comic with a hidden agenda.


In his letter to the editor, Floyd County Republican Party chairman Dave Matthews tactfully (?) refrains from mentioning names, but we imagine he’s peeved at Jack Messer, Scott Blair, or perhaps both. That’s because the two independent candidates (for mayor and 6th district council, respectively) probably will take far fewer votes away from the Democratic front-runners in their races than from Matthews’ own handpicked candidates — and remember how few Republicans actually declared in advance of last spring’s primaries?

The world’s smallest violin is playing a tasteful lullaby. Yawn.

Candidates should be who they are

Voters, watch out for imitators! I already know of two cases where our “independent” candidates would have you think of them as Republican candidates … unless, of course, you happen to be a Democrat. Telling you that they are the Republican candidate is not the truth.