At least the homophobic bigot Win Walker is not running for office in New Albany.


And Jeffersonville can have and keep the Republican council candidate, thank you. To see why, read his homophobic message below, and note that to my knowledge, no ordinance remotely touching on any of this is scheduled for consideration by the city’s city council — although perhaps one should.

Generally I refrain from commenting on politics in neighboring communities, and in passing along the following odiously toxic missive, I’m neither (a) trying to give Jeffersonville a black eye, because doltish prejudice masquerading as a “Biblical world view” is a contagion spread across all of America, and not confined to one burg or the other, nor (b) giving Walker the attention he obviously craves, given that by his own admission, he isn’t getting nearly enough of it in his bid for office.

But I believe in shining a spotlight on bigotry, now and always, come what may. Life is far too short to abide the Win Walkers of the planet without a response, and my position is this: If Win wins, fundamental human rights in Southern Indiana lose. Vote against him, early and often.


It’s time for an update on my campaign for Jeff City Council. I have received some positive feedback from previous messages, but not a large volume. Maybe it’s time to take on a more controversial issue.

Most of you have heard of the ‘Fairness Ordinance’ in Louisville, wherein homosexuals are given a special status not available to most of us. In a word, I will resist any such ordinance in Jeffersonville.

Not that I dislike or fear folks of that persuasion, but in fact, my Christian faith calls for me to love them. However, in my view, loving them does not mean approving that lifestyle, which social studies have shown to be harmful. I have decided that I’ll stick to the biblical view of sex and marriage. Of course, that doesn’t mean passing laws against other views, but marriage between a man and a woman is, and should be, codified into law, and it currently is (Defense Of Marriage Act). President Obama, in spite of previous statements to the contrary, is now trying to dismantle DOMA.

Transgender rights are all the rage right now. You don’t see much of this reported in the news, but it’s already happening, as reported at . Imagine a woman seeing a man in a women’s restroom and reporting it to someone. If the man claimed that he thinks he is a woman, the ‘real’ woman could be sanctioned or prosecuted for ‘discriminating’ against him/her.

In fact, I believe we should be moving toward fewer special status classifications in our country. The seven current HUD classifications for which there is discrimination protection are:

national origin
familial status

In my 33 years selling real estate, I found no problem living with these classifications, but think they are becoming less necessary. The first 3 and last 3 are becoming less distinguishable and definable. The 4th one, Religion, is the only one protected in the First Amendment to our country’s constitution. Ironically, religious freedom is lost when special protections are given to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders (GLBT). If you want to know how this occurs, or have other thoughts on this subject, please contact me.

Also, I need folks to work at the polls for me. If this interests you please call me.

Yours in service,

Win Walker, Jr. – Candidate
Jeffersonville City Council – At Large

For further background, the following is from Walker’s campaign website.

Win is a long-time resident of Jeffersonville, family man and small business owner

For over 30 years, Win has run small businesses and has chaired or served on the boards of many local civic and charitable organizations, such as Leadership Southern Indiana and the Better Business Bureau of Kentuckiana.

My Pledge

Operating from a biblical worldview, Win believes in:

1) Being a good steward of the resources we have
2) Honest, open decision making
3) Smaller, simpler, more efficient government
4) Encouraging Community Involvement