He also wrote “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “The Stepford Representative.”


The News and Tribune’s Shea Van Hoy clearly and patiently explains the newspaper’s election campaign season policy on letters to the editor, and addresses the Clere Channel conspiracy theorists — who begin the fluffing before the newsprint even cools. My favorite is “Yvonne” and her/his wonderful observation that Rep. Clere’s column represents, “The first time we’ve heard from state leaders.”

Yawn. Let the zombies continue marching — until November, 2012.

It’s a fine day for a campaign

… I want to be — sorry for this one — clear that our state representative is not being singled out. We’re simply adhering to a policy that has been around at the paper since soon after I arrived. Clere is not the first candidate/columnist it has affected.

Thanks to A for the title reference …