Discussion of this morning’s Merchant Mixer meeting.


Here is the place to discuss this morning’s Merchant Mixer meeting. Please see preceding posts about the Dudgeon company’s “Come To City” branding proposal.

You may check my Twitter feed for other references. I’d dearly love to have the time to devote to formulating points and leading the discussion, but I don’t. Know that in a vote of those present, the “Come To City” tag line was rejected, and certain non-democratic proclivities among the progenitors were exposed.

Also, that the assembled top-down governing cliques were mostly oblivious to a branding “solution,” the formulation of which summarizes the non-democratic nature of the governing cliques. This attitude was best illustrated by former downtown businessman Don Preston’s chilling line, which he gave me permission to quote: “I am opposed to the democracy of the mob.”

I’m not sure where it’s going next, but I know this: It is far less effective to tell me how you can “help” me than to ask me how you might help.

And: Any solution targeted to a 50+ year old age group, such as that in attendance this morning, is doomed over the long haul. If youth is not served in New Albany, there’ll be no revitalization, with or without a bridge. Until the graybeards get that, there’ll be no movement.
Now more than ever, the grassroots are ripe for cultivation. I spoke out this morning against the top-down mindset that has been New Albany’s primary problem for far too long.
If you wish, please discuss.