Not quite the Bosphorus, but there’s a water taxi running through it.


My friend Jennifer posted this on Facebook. Granted, she has a job in downtown Louisville. What I like is her upbeat attitude in meeting the commuter’s challenge.

If you are tired of complaining about the traffic on Facebook (and everyone is tired of reading about it!), then take the ferry. It’s only $1 and I took it this morning and loved it. Not to mention it’s very relaxing. Park your car, board, pay the lady, sit back, enjoy the breeze & watch the sunrise on your 10 minute ride. Beats the heck out of sitting on a questionably stable bridge, getting angry, wasting your gas, and being late to work. 🙂 Happy Hump Day!

Water taxi to ferry people across river; Spirit of Jefferson will operate during morning and afternoon rush hours for at least two weeks, by Braden Lammers (News and Tribune)