Outside, it’s New Albania.


We take the staircase to the first floor

We turn the key and slowly unlock the door

A man breathes into a saxophone

And through the walls we hear the city groan

Outside it’s America

Outside it’s America

— “Bullet the Blue Sky” by U2

Downtown New Albany’s ongoing revival is profiled in a Business First article from July 29.

Historic downtown New Albany comes back to life with new shops, restaurants opening in wake of Scribner Place’s arrival, by Sarah Jeffords Pister (Business First)

“(River View) is going to be a public space we think will be on the order of a square or plaza you typically see in Europe,” (Carl) Malysz said.

When it comes to whoppers, questioning eases stress, and so one’s first query of the deputy mayor should be this: Which Europe? NAC provided one such answer, a full two week’s prior to the Business First reference.

Stop the presses: Exciting new plan for Trickle Platz at River View.

We also offered a vision of Reaganomics Platz with a human face:

Come to think of it, no one connected with River View ever so much as attempted to modify the unfortunate analogy wherein the benefits would “trickle out” to the community at large.

Any of them want to give it a belated shot? We’re all ears.