The outrages of the Bridges Politburo.


I believe Steve Magruder has coined the perfect monicker for the entity previously known here as the Tolling Authority: The Bridges Politburo. His reasoning is impeccable, and has to do with Нада (nothing; zilch, zero), or in this case, an absence of genuine choice:

Thus the ‘Politburo’ moniker. With choices like Nada, Something Akin to Nada, and a still-too-big project with toll taxes, it’s the Louisville transportation choice equivalent to a food market in the old Soviet Union.

I’ve been to food markets in the old USSR, and yes, that’s it: Brown lettuce, pickled beets and Kerry Stemler atop the Robert Moses Mausoleum in a furry cap with a hip flask of vodka, It’s such an obvious image that I’m surprised it didn’t occur to any of us previously.

Steve has a lot to say about the Bridges Politburo’s accumulated outrages, so head over to his place and read all about it: The Ongoing Shenanigans of the Bridges Politburo — Community Action Requested on New and Old Outrages, by Steve Magruder (Louisville History & Issues).