Two new park proposals but a common theme.


Two pitches: one from a non-profit that would preserve some of the green space and the other from a developer that would install a strip center and other accoutrements of decay.

Design details are lacking in News and Tribune and Courier coverage thus far but I was struck by the inclusion of one particular name: Larry Timperman. Timperman is one the usual suspect architects hired for seemingly every public job in the area, including advising the County on the potential reuses of the annex building. End result? A proposal to make money for his own LLC.

Sound familiar? Sound like River View? Sound like every day in the open air museum?

It’s time for the super self-interested to be identified as such rather than treated as allies to the public interest.

Candidates, are you listening?

Two submit proposals for New Albany’s North Annex, by Chris Morris (News and Tribune).

Family Scholar House and Community Park Developers LLC both want to acquire all or part of the 18 acres surrounding the North Annex along Grant Line Road, which currently houses the Floyd County Youth Shelter.

It will be up to the Floyd County Commissioners and Floyd County Council to make the final decision.

Floyd County Planner Don Lopp presented the two proposals to the commissioners Tuesday evening. No action was taken and Mark Seabrook, president of the commissioners, said there would be public meetings before a decision was made.