I get no kick from champagne …


… but I’m always thrilled at exciting new concept launches that lead to blank web sites.

The blank page above comes to you from Think Local Southern Indiana, which is also on Facebook. Although we already know the answers, I’ve commenced asking the questions:

Hi. Can you tell us whether this is a grassroots movement, and if not, reveal who or what is sponsoring this organization? Thanks!

I’ll take this opportunity to remind readers that to my knowledge, precisely one grassroots organization currently exists to bring together independent, small, local businesses in the city of New Albany, and unlike 1Si, New Albany First does not advocate oligarch enrichment policies (bridge tolls, exurban sprawl, et al) and pursue various other vapid appeasements that actually damage the very concept of thinking local.

New Albany First is on Facebook. I believe in it, and so should you.