NA-FC School Corp makes the Times…thanks to the dimwitted decision making of Daniels, Clere, Gardenour, et al.


Back before State Representative Ed Clere had proven his unshakable bona fides as a conniving Chamber of Commerce fille de joie, I used to bother asking him really complicated, esoteric questions like, “How will [insert latest GOP wealthy appeasement plan] help improve the quality of life for your constituents?”

He never had an answer. He and the rest of the accomplices still don’t. Unrepentant ideologues simply aren’t concerned with such practical matters, instead choosing to govern by fiat both on paper and, in columnist Ed’s case, in the paper.

The Indiana Exception? Yes, but…, by Michael Powell and Monica Davey, The New York Times.

In southern Indiana, the New Albany-Floyd school system has closed schools, consolidated classes, pared administrators and imposed a pay freeze on teachers. That is still not enough. Next year will bring layoffs.

Many state officials, and even some local board members, are unsympathetic. Rebecca Gardenour, who serves as vice president of the school board, voted for the property caps, without regrets. She regrets only that she voted to build two big new schools a few years back.