Götterdämmerung, as performed at 8th & Culbertson.


In reverse order, here are a few toxic questions to start the day, as transmitted on Twitter.

Readers may refer to “Dan Coffey is right: The UEA is not City Hall’s ATM” for background, and know that yesterday, the Urban Enterprise Association board voted down a funding request to provide money toward the building at 8th & Culbertson. It is rumored that another modified funding request is forthcoming today. More when NAC has time.

190 days remain until change. Am I the only one detecting hints of desperation and whiffs of Götterdämmerung in the 8th & Culbertson saga? less than a minute ago

What does “Clean & Green” downtown beautification have to do with (a) the corner of 8th & Culbertson, and (b) with the Horseshoe Foundation? 3 minutes ago

The UEA captures statebound $ and uses it. Apart from its perceived value as an ATM, why is City Hall targeting the UEA at this time? 5 minutes ago

If the building at 8th & Culbertson is being viewed as future anchor for the Midtown “renaissance,” shouldn’t the neighborhood be consulted? 7 minutes ago

If the UEA’s participation in the future Landmarks building at 8th & Culbertson was vital, why did the deal’s planning go down without them? 9 minutes ago

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