Windstream second-guessing sweeps NA: Which language is who speaking, when, and why?


If it was my job to prepare a lesson plan encompassing the following news item, it would include a few simple questions.

Coffey: Windstream move caught New Albany City Council by surprise; Messer cites lack of communication from administration; Gahan said proposal had council support (Suddeath; N&T)

1. Exactly what is meant by “growth” in the context used by Windsteam’s Dan Bates?: “The administration here has done an awesome job of trying to bring growth to New Albany, and I think this would have been a great way to do that.”

2. Is it the meat or the motion?: “According to (Dan) Coffey and Councilman Steve Price, Windstream tendered its product patents for collateral instead of real property or cash. ‘This was a risky loan,’ Coffey said.”

3. When City Hall says, “No comprehension,” and Coffey says, “No information,” and Jack Messer says, “No communication,” should the entire city of New Albany join the refrain from the Stones, circa Beggar’s Banquet:

Take me to the station
and put me on a train
I’ve got no expectations
To pass through here again

4. Exactly what is meant by “entrepreneurial” in the context used by Mayor Doug England?: “In a news release, England did not directly fault the council for Windstream but said ‘I do hope the city learns that we must become more entrepreneurial in our economic development decision-making.'”

5. Exactly what is meant by “economic development decision-making” in the context of the preceding passage? Whose definition? Who decides? Is there more than one way to look at such questions?

6. Given the scope of the request, the fact that it was City Hall and not the council asking for more time to be duly diligent, the resident whoredom of businesses seeking “economic development” favors from “entrepreneurial” cities, and the benumbing difficulties in separating fact from fiction in an election year, doesn’t council president Jeff Gahan’s statement constitute the final word on Windstream:

“I felt like it was moving as fast as it could have given the amount of money they were asking for from the council.”

That’s enough for now. Let me know if you find any nuggets.