News and Tribune editorial opinion: “Daniels’ Planned Parenthood call does us wrong.”


The opinion is not signed, so I’m assuming it is the product of the News and Tribune editorial board. All I can say is this:


OUR OPINION: Daniels’ Planned Parenthood call does us wrong

So much for calling a truce. Instead, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels decided last week instead to approve an assault on social issues by drawing his sword and thrusting it into the gut of every Hoosier who values any shred of personal freedom they have.

Have Rep. Ed Clere and Sen. Ron Grooms, whose propaganda machines typically cloak all legislative business under the all-purpose mantra of “jobs,” even tried to offer a public rationale for their votes on this and other reactionary, theocratic measures?

Shouldn’t the newspaper ask them to do so?