No2BridgeTolls … May 2011 Update.


(Just say no to tolls, folks)

May 2011 Update

Organizers of have been working diligently behind the scenes in recent months in anticipation of the upcoming Ohio River Bridges Project public meetings. Specifically, we have been meeting with officials connected to the Ohio River Bridges Project, engaging them in all aspects and details of the impact the current tolling plans will have on the community. We have been encouraging further reductions to the downtown portions of the project that will not improve traffic delivery. These reductions will make the project more fiscally responsible, and bring us closer to a local “toll-free zone.”

In anticipation of the upcoming public meetings, we will be inviting elected officials to a formal meeting in which we can further inform them as a group of the long-term negative impact the current plan will have and why it won’t, in its current state, solve the region’s infrastructure problems. We will be discussing our more Southern Indiana friendly plan, and work on a collective plan how we can achieve our goal of a toll free I-65. Following this meeting with elected officials, we will host a public meeting to keep the community updated on our efforts.

The Bridges Project has posted the following calendar of upcoming meetings. We ask the community to note the week of June 27th as the planned public meeting date, which is in the final phase of planning for this project. We are closing in on our last opportunities to make a difference and stop the plan to implement tolls on the Kennedy Bridges System corridor. No2BridgeTolls organizers are working in earnest on behalf of this community to stop the plan to implement tolls. This is not a time to let up on our efforts! We still need your support! Plan to attend the next public meetings and show your support for No Tolls.

Click here to visit the Ohio River Bridges Project’s Official Release and be sure to mark your calendar for the week of June 27th. We will keep No Tolls supporters informed via email, facebook and our website as we get closer to the date.