Really? I didn’t know she had a brother.


It was 2005, or maybe 2006. It’s hard to remember the exact year when the song always remains the same. The placards were constructed for wielding during the Harvest Homecoming Parade party at the homestead. I found them yesterday while toting boxes into storage downstairs.

Another year, another destructive Coffey Plan … and the madness goes on, and on, and on …

The agenda for tonight’s city council meeting, which Dan Coffey will remember in years to come as his very last unimpeded breath of political job security, is mercifully light.

And yet, it’s hard to imagine a council night anti-climax mere hours before the dominoes start falling on Tuesday. Perhaps Li’l Stevie will conjure imaginary Nazis, or CeeSaw will produce a last-second appropriation for One Southern Indiana.

Anyone going?