Open thread: “Five Dumbest of the Dumbest Moments” last night.


In response to my stated intent earlier today to list the Five Dumbest of the Dumbest Moments during last evening’s council laughfest, Iamhoosier left this comment here: Refusing to speak for the city’s residents, Coffey makes strange gurgling sounds instead as council members snore through meeting.

I’m anxious to see how you cut it down to just 5 moments. My #1 would have to be a 2 term councilman wondering how ordinances get sponsors. In seven years on the council, Mr. Price still doesn’t know? (No, I didn’t make that up. He actually asked that last night)

Here’s another.

In response to John Gonder’s resolution, which was intended to convey non-binding council opposition to the GOP-dominated Indiana legislature’s ongoing efforts to preclude localized gun control measures, Diane Benedetti kept insisting that instead of thinking about it, the council would be better off appealing to GOP stalwarts Ed Clere and Ron Grooms for help, because they’re “fighting for us in Indianapolis.”

Thus, uninformed to the last, Benedetti gave no indication that she is aware of the proposed law, no sign that she reads news or stays in the loop, no sign that she believes even remotely in the Democratic Party’s precepts, and amid guffaws, she could do no better than to appeal for help to the very same Republican ideologues whose party authored the legislation.

At this point, Dan Coffey scooped up the ball and expressed grievous misgivings with such symbolic resolutions as Gonder’s, continually muttering about a Constitution he’s freely ignored and violated in the past, then finally clarifiying why this resolution was completely different from the anti-tolling resolution he enthusiastically supported last year:

“When you’re talking about tolls, you’re talking about an economic issue, but when you’re talking about guns, you’re talking about the Constitution.”

That’s a lot of talking … all of it gibberish.

Mark gave you one, and I’ve given you two. There’s even more Dumbest Moments out there … anyone else?