NA 1st Week at Destinations Booksellers, April 4 – 9.


From NA 1st, New Albany’s original grassroots movement of locally-owned, independent small business, comes this notification.

Hi everyone,

NA First is partnering up with Destinations Booksellers next week, April 4th through April 9th for a fundraiser! Just stop in at Destinations, tell Randy that you’re there to support New Albany’s Independent Business Alliance and a generous percentage of your purchase price will be donated to help our efforts to help you! It’s an easy to way to support NA First and help get us started.

Also, keep watching your email for membership information for NA First for both businesses and individuals! I should have more information on this by the end of this week. We’re excited about getting this IBA off the ground and start helping New Albany’s locally-owned, independent businesses. We have a website under development and a couple of projects to get started on so we can hit the ground running, but we need your support! Tell your friends and fellow business owners about us and to stop by Destinations this week!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support!