Coffey, Price to star in remake of Laurel & Hardy’s “Sons of the Dessert.”


The knee-slapping hilarity in this sordid case of Copperhead’s elder abuse and the reception of tainted housing property by a ventriloquist’s puppet is overwheming even before one reads all the way to the bottom, and learns amid guffaws that Coffey’s attorney is none other than Dave Matthews’s right-hand GOP hatchet man, Rick Fox, who also lurks in the shadows of the unnecessary parks legislation.

Does that mean that Coffey also seeks to flip the floodplain parkland across the street from his house, where the public toilet used to be? Expect legislation in Indy soon.

New Albany City Councilmen Coffey, Price named in lawsuit, by Daniel Suddeath (OSIN)

… Price said with a primary scheduled for May, it seems like the timing of the suit was politically motivated since he and Coffey and are seeking another term on the council.

Price received a 30-day extension from Judge Terrence Cody to file his response to the claims, giving him until May 4 to finish his response. Coffey’s attorney, New Albany lawyer Rick Fox, said they will not request an extension.