That’s some quorum: Price, Coffey join Benedetti, Messer on council’s after-school detention list.


With an election right around the corner, let’s hope the local combined newspapers take an interest in explicating a lawsuit that names two sitting and conjoined council persons, Dan Coffey and Steve Price, as defendants.

Rumors and accusations about this case of familial squabbling, elder care, sickbed sign-offs to strangers, property deeds, blood money and house flipping goes back a few years, and apparently it even made the newspaper, although all I can find by searching the Tribune archive is an angry letter taking issue with the newspaper’s story, itself nowhere to be found: LETTERS: April 28, 2007 (by Patricia Walker). Was the story removed, or never archived? Only the Shadow knows.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit’s a matter of public record, and not unlike Diane Benedetti’s wine-driving case, it appears to have been pushed back until after the primary. How very unexpected. Yet another council member, Jack Messer, has just learned that his brush with notoriety (a suspension) cannot be ducked, but he’s not on the ballot … yet.

Follow the link for just the facts, Erika.


Marcelene Jahn, Avis Byers, Dixie Denton et al vs. Dan Coffey, Stephen Price

03/07/2011 Floyd Circuit Court
CT – Civil Tort Pending

Appearance Filed
Stephen Price
For Party: Price, Stephen
File Stamp: 03/24/2011

Motion for Enlargement of Time Filed
Filed By: Price, Stephen
File Stamp: 03/24/2011

Order Granting Motion for Enlargement of Time (Judicial Officer: Cody, John Terrence )
To and Including May 4, 2011
Order Signed: 03/24/2011