In which a rogue Democrat helps Republicans trash Nash.


Meet your elected officials in action, rigidly non-transparent to the final gulp, with key assistance by a leading local Republican functionary who pretends to be legally neutral, a commissioner who imperially dismisses public input and a cop who issues “directives” while on the clock.

Charming, isn’t it?

Nash fired as Floyd County Solid Waste director;Board director did not give reason for termination, by Chris Morris (Tribune)

After seven years, Warren Nash is out as director of the Floyd County Solid Waste District.

It took less than five minutes for the solid waste board to vote 4-3 in favor of relieving Nash of his duties. Republicans Mark Seabrook, Steve Bush and Patti Hayes, along with Democrat Ted Heavrin, voted in favor of terminating Nash, while Democrats Chuck Freiberger, Doug England and John Gonder voted to keep Nash.

Seabrook, the Solid Waste District board director, did not give any reason for Nash’s termination, only saying the board wanted to go in a different direction. Since the matter was discussed and resolved in executive session, and since it involved a personnel issue, there was no public discussion allowed, Seabrook said …

… Nash said he was also asked to resign his position Jan. 27 by Solid Waste Board attorney Rick Fox but refused …

… Nash said Heavrin, who is president of the Floyd County Council and Floyd County police chief, has always had it in for him. He said when he was hired seven years ago, Heavrin was the only board member to vote against his selection.

“He wanted someone else. He told me then [in uniform] he would get me one of these days,” Nash said.

Heavrin said that statement was “all lies” …

As he removed his truncheon?