Flounder said, “Oh boy, is this great!”


Last evening’s council meeting was short and uncommonly well-mannered. Yesterday morning’s Indy legislative session was a wee bit hotter. The bridges oligarchs have started getting into Dave Matthews’ pockets, St. Daniels seeks to outsource the bridges project to France, you can bet Kerry Stemler approves, Egypt deposed a dictator, and it’s warm enough to smoke a fine cigar on the Taxpayers Memorial Patio.

But none of that is important. The final primary filings are in, and in the 3rd district, it will be a two-way race between Greg Phipps and Steve Price, the latter’s first ever two-way primary. The winner will face unopposed Republican candidate RemCha (oops, make that Jameson Bledsoe), and perhaps a Libertarian or Independent, in the fall.

In other amusing news, former council person Donnie “To Vote or not to Vote?” Blevins challenges Bob “CeeSaw” Caesar in the 2nd, and Professor Erika, a.k.a. Vicki “Citizens Faux Accountability” Denhart, goes against Dan “Wizard of Westside, Viceroy of Copperhead Flats” Coffey and another challenger, Theresa Timberlake, in the 1st. Timberlake came very close to beating Coffey in 2007, and now she has Denhart to bleed the snakeskin.

A 34% tally might win the 1st, but Price now needs more than 40% to escape a primary challenge.