Today’s Tribune column: “Dreams they complicate my life.”


Today we travel in time, all the way back to 2005, to council member Steve Price’s famously tragi-comic utterance about the perils of a certain Louisville neighborhood. Like Charlie Finley said … but there’s more: Fox In the Morning Idol – Stephen Price, New Albany, IN.

BAYLOR: Dreams they complicate my life

On that fateful evening, as oft times since, both Coffey and Price childishly smirked and scoffed at all imaginable instances of human progress, leading to the single most preposterous utterance of Price’s embarrassment-filled tenure, when he piously warned against New Albany becoming a place where people are packed “in like sardines.”

And Price’s example of the horrors of overcrowding? Was it Cairo or Mexico City? Perhaps Mumbai — better yet, Shanghai?

No, actually it was a place quite near to New Albany: Louisville’s Frankfort Avenue.