Nicklies out, Samuels in at Bridges Coalition; lying expected to continue, perhaps more gently this time around.


Visiting the Bridges Coalition website, I’m reminded that history is littered with the remnants of “simple” truths. Truth seldom is simple, and almost never entirely painted in shades of black and white. The objective of any propagandistic entity like the Bridges Coalition is to simplify selling points to their bare essence, and repeat them tirelessly in the hope that no one will bother contesting their claims.

It helps to have a talented pitchman, and David Nicklies was anything but. Unctuous used car salesman smarmy, leveraged left and right, beholden to the crassest and best heeled interests in the metro area … not really the ideal carnival barker for selling a product that almost no one in the vicinity views as necessary.

That’s why I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news: Bill Samuels Jr. replacing David Nicklies as chairman of Bridges Coalition, by Ed Green at Business First.

The widely venerated Samuels may or may not survive a vote and occupy the position vacated by Nicklies. If he does, you can expect the legendary Makers Mark folksy aphorisms to become the new Bridges Coalition brand, replacing the “up yours, I’m David Nicklies – don’t you know who I am?” approach.