As the Gahan for Mayor committee sees an opening …


You’ve already seen the annoying official press release from the PR flacks at Peritus.

The Tribune’s Daniel Suddeath plays it fairly straight: New Albany will have a new mayor; Doug England won’t run for fourth term, endorses Irv Stumler.

Here’s a good angle from public radio.

New Albany Mayor England Announces Retirement, Endorses Stumler, by Gabe Bullard (89.3 FM WFPL)

… (Irv) Stumler says he wants to run an issues-oriented campaign. One of the issues he’s concerned with is the Ohio River Bridges Project. He says he supports current efforts to make the project smaller and less expensive, but thinks they should go further.

“I would kind of like to, say, hold off on the downtown bridge. Maybe redo part of Spaghetti Junction to make it more drivable, less problems,” he says. “I just don’t know if we should burden ourselves with that much money. It probably, for sure, in the future will be needed. But maybe we should build it and pay for it when it’s needed.”

Also, there is interesting analysis from a more partisan perspective, via Harrison County.

Shades of the Past and Future of Southern Indiana Politics in New Albany Mayor Race (The Hoosierpundit blog, with link to Courier-Journal coverage)

Stumler was seriously looking at running as a Republican. Why? I doubt that principles had much to do with him seeking out Dave Matthews. It’s more because the establishment wouldn’t have given him a fair primary in the spring against England. He is now the establishment’s candidate and no longer has that problem.