I stopped reading at “We was told,” but she don’t like me very much, do she?


How sadly familiar the refrain: We’re all for free speech and a free press, until we’re against it. Then it HAS GOT TO GO, and he has got to go — right now.

I’m reprinting this screed without permission, but seeing as freedom of speech hasn’t yet been extended to Professor Erika’s own comments section … well, you know the drill. I added the actual link to the column in question, seeing as it was omitted in the original.


Tue Dec 28, 2010 21:01 from FREEDOM OF SPEECH by One voice (VoiceOfNA@aol.com)

Dear Executive Editor,

First, we support Freedom of the Press and Freedom Of Speech.


First, we forget that you actually pay Roger Baylor to write this tripe. “BAYLOR: Beware, yuletide oupistophober. I’m watching.” Noneless, it is when good men sit back and do nothing that people like him get this kind of opportunity.

Secondly, we was told by Kozarovich a long time ago that if enough people wrote in to say they don’t like his column, they’d get rid of it!

So what we want our readers to do is this. Here’s a link to the story. If you’re tired of reading crap like this, write to the Tribune to let them know that you want Roger Baylor’s columns to stop running. They are giving him free space to write destructive nonsense that is unhelpful.

Here’s the link: http://newsandtribune.com/opinion/x258587521/BAYLOR-Beware-yuletide-oupistidophobes-I-m-watching. Then decide if this is the garbage and crap you want to read in our local Tribune newspaper.

Third, He can have his blog, but it is truly a problem that the Tribune is PAYING Baylor to put crap in there like that.

We, believe in freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, but the paper chooses NOT to put in a lot of things that need to be in there. It’s high time they choose not to include this.

It’s really offensive and is NOT the kind of thing that ought to be included in a decent newspaper.

But to attack Christianity and Christmas is just too much.

At the very least, the Tribune needs to know they’re paying for this crap.

If you agree with us, Contact: Tribune Publisher & Executive Editor Steve.Kozarovich@newsandtribune.com or contact him by phone: 812-206-2148 or drop him a note: 303 Scribner Drive, New Albany, IN 47150.

Tell him Roger Baylor has got to go…