“The issue of tolls is still very much a ball in play.”


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Friends and supporters of “No Tolls” on existing bridges and infrastructure:

We recently learned that that appointed (non-elected) members of the Bi-State Bridges Authority voted on and approved a financial plan that includes tolls on existing bridges and infrastructure. The authority members don’t have experience in financing public works projects and made a lot of assumptions in putting together this financing plan, including public acceptance of tolls.

The Bi-State Authority members are not empowered to set toll rates, so they can only speculate what tolls may be. They also assumed that the Federal Government will allow tolls on infrastructures that have already been paid for as a means of fundraising for new structures (two new bridges plus the Interstate connectors known as “Spaghetti Junction.”) The Federal Government requires that toll revenues be used exclusively for the facility being tolled yet the Bi-State Authority thinks they have a means to get around this historic protocol.

As with any large financing endeavor, we want to remind you that your elected officials are ultimately accountable and will have to take a stand on this issue in legislature before laws for tolling existing bridges and infrastructure pass. So we ask you, if you have not already done so, let your legislative representatives know that tolls are unacceptable funding methods for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Tolls are bad for families and businesses. Our organization exists to educate the public about the issue of tolling; we are not advocates for alternative financial options, although we believe there are many. We are also not opposed to bridges that are built within the financial means of our regional economy provided they do not require tolls on existing structures. We assert that there are plenty of other options to tolls that must be pursued, or an affordable alternative to the plan so that tolls are not necessary. In other words, we are not opposed to new bridge(s).

At this time, the Bridges Authority financing plan will likely get a ‘rubber stamp’ approval from Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Agency (KPTIA) and it will proceed to the Federal Highway Administration for review. Please be assured that this organization,, and many hundreds of volunteers are keeping an eye on this issue and will keep you posted as we have updates. The issue of tolls is still very much a ‘ball in play’ and is not a “done deal” as some would have you believe.

If you have not already done so, please do at least one of these three things:

1. Call the Department of Transportation at (202) 366-4000 and ask for Secretary Ray LaHood’s office and leave your comments that you oppose tolls on existing structures on our bridges,

2. Write your legislative representatives and let them know in your own words that you oppose tolls and why tolls are bad for families and businesses, and

3. Tell people you work with, socialize with or are related to, that the tolling issue could still be a reality if we, the people, do not stand up in protest. Help us spread the word that Tolls are not the solution.

Thank you for your support of the socio-economic livelihood of Kentuckiana. We encourage you to tell your own story about the negative impact of tolls when you write or call Secretary LaHood or your legislative representatives.