Much posturing about absolutely nothing at wasted council yawnfest.


Last night’s city council meeting was characterized as “extremely post-menopausal” by a bemused onlooker, who added, “I hope Coffey feels better soon.”

Referee Diane Benedetti signaled illegal procedure as Carl Malysz repeated his creative financing plan for the third meeting in a row.

Later, when Benedetti reminded her colleagues that she wears the pants in this spineless jellyfish of a pansy legislative family, council president John Gonder thought long and hard before answering, “Yes, dear.”

CM Coffey expressed renewed outrage at the gall of any government employee to ask for more money from impoverished rag pickers like (well, you know), and as a gesture of reconciliation, he offered to reimburse taxpayers for his 2010 council pay. City officials declined, noting that used snake oil still is not legal tender in St. Daniels Land.

And, without the marvelous bounty of La Rosita’s, none of it would have been remotely endurable.

Daniel Suddeath provides by-the-numbers coverage of the purely wasted evening: New Albany City Council delays action on balancing budget shortfall; Final vote on $1.7 million appropriation scheduled for Tuesday.

Shockingly, Steve Price was unable to navigate the lofty, icy expanse of Dewey Heights and failed to attend last night’s meeting, halting his consecutive meeting starting cliche-spouter record of 143, begun in 2004. Somewhere, someone caught a glimpse of Brett Favre smiling.

Rest assured: He was the only one.