Crowd goes wild as the “right” wing descends on the ORBP.


At the Hoosierpundit blog, annoyance at bridge tolls and the ORBP as a whole.

Why is it important? After all, it’s what we’ve been saying for months, isn’t it?

Except that this scathing critique comes to you from far across the aisle, on another side of the political spectrum, one that seldom sees the likes of me. It took a while, but no matter. Welcome to a fight that has only just begin, Scott … and I expect you’ll be hearing from the GOP soon.

But wait … you are the GOP. Hmm. How are they going to spin that?

Bridges Authority Approves Tolls, Tells Southern Indiana Businesses & Commuters to Drop Dead

… But momentum to “just build the bridge” was not slowed by the addition of ever-more poison pills to the project. The thing had a life of its own. Then the unelected bridge authority, sort of a modern-day Robert Moses in committee form, decided that the bridges couldn’t be built without tolls regardless of the broader negative impact on the community the bridges were supposedly being built to serve.