Bridges Authority committee meeting is this morning at Kye’s.


This morning Curtis Morrison, one of several rabble rousers for Say NO to Bridge Tolls, sent this message to members of the Facebook group. I had an obligation on the calendar and will try to drop in for the last half. Anyone able to attend, please try to make an appearance.

Tolling Authority committee will be Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at Kye’s, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Chairman Buddecke has promised to have audio at this one so the audience can actually hear what they’re saying.

Will be interesting to see if the Authority acknowledges receipt of the “Toll the Sherman Minton while we’re at it”-plan submitted to them by the GLI, and One Southern Indiana-sponsored Bridges Coalition. We’re hoping to have lots of folks at this meeting! If we don’t, these clowns at the Tolling Authority might very well be able to steamroll these tolls right on through.

Keep in mind, they’ve asked permission to toll all existing bridges, new bridges and the Spaghetti Junction. We must come together and Say NO to Tolls! See you at the meeting!