The devil’s crayon … in 1Si’s hand.


So many Kentuckiana businesses are joining the no-tolls list at that the group soon will need a stenographer just to keep up.

The stunning rapidity with which Southern Indiana businesses are signing on to the no-tolls movement strikes me as slightly ironic, given that so many of them remain members of One Southern Indiana, which supports any measure necessary (that’s right, any — including tolls, auctions of first-born male children and foreign aid handshakes with Kim Jong Il) to construct the $4 billion bridges boondoggle.

And yet, as 1Si continues to insist that it represents the interests of area businesses, those same area businesses openly and profoundly differ by organizing a no-tolls voice elsewhere, pooling money and expending valuable time in fighting an involuntary tax on business (and on working commuters) enacted by an unelected body … all of which 1Si enthusiastically supports because they’ll benefit the right kind of people.

Obviously, when it comes to espousing the best interests of Southern Indiana business, someone’s lying.

Has Michael Dalby’s nose reached Peoria yet?