Not content with being wrong, Price strives for double wrongness … and, of course, succeeds.


The Tribune’s Daniel Suddeath somehow keeps a straight face while contributing the latest in a series of city council biographies titled “Profiles of Befuddlement”:

Not backing down: Price will bring preservation commission ordinance for final vote

… Peter Feimer, president of the Main Street Preservation Association and HPC member, criticized Price for never attending a commission meeting despite being the council’s liaison for the board …

… Conceding his ordinance will likely be defeated at the Dec. 6 council meeting, Price said he will likely support Councilwoman Diane McCartin-Benedetti’s attempt to get a council representative placed on the commission.

That’s right.

When Price was the assigned liaison to the HPC, he saw no reason to attend — not even once. Imagine what he missed owing to this all-too-typical sloth. Now, emboldened by regular paying karaoke gigs, he’s ready to wave bloody shirts, ignite himself with a “banned” novelty lighter, and support placing a council person on the commission.

Naturally, this person should be Price himself. He’d never go to meetings, and in two years, he’ll want another council person on the commission so at least one of them actually goes.

Join the discussion at the Tribune’s web site (link above). The first comment already has been posted, and soon the troglodytes at other blogs will angrily (and anonymously) begin denouncing any person in the city who seeks progress over regress: “How dare you attack my councilman,” etc., yawnnnnn.

“I never felt like they needed baby-sitting,” he said’And that my friends, in a nutshell, describes the tenure of Steve Price as a city councilman. He’s not involved in the community, unless it affects him or his friends. He cares little about his district, unless it affects him or his friends. He can’t be bothered to participate in neighborhood association meetings, HPC meetings, the NSP groundbreaking ceremony (one of the best things to happen to his district in a long, long time), the farmers market (unless he’s singing) or any other events in his district. He’s a bad councilman and a poor representative of what’s going on in his district. Fortunately, elections are just around the corner. The Price is Wrong for 3rd District.

Hey — I coined that phrase … but that’s okay. Use it.