Say NO to Bridge TOLLS petitioning Federal Government; Rep. Clere remains silent.


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Say NO to Bridge TOLLS is petitioning Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood to acknowledge that the citizens within the Louisville region do not want tolls on Ohio River bridges, or on the Spaghetti Junction intersection of I-65, I-64, and I-71, in spite of what he may be hearing from the Tolling Authority’s upcoming financing plan.

Say NO to Bridge TOLLS has reached its goal of collecting over 10,000 signatures on their “No Tolls Petition” before the end of the year. The group has also obtained signatures of 210 businesses owners that have signed the Businesses Against Tolls Petition.

On Monday, November 22, 2010, Say NO to Bridge TOLLS is mailing to Secretary Lahood the “No Tolls” Petitions, totaling 10,328 signatures, along with the signatures of 210 business owners, and copies of the eight “No Tolls Resolutions” that have passed in the following municipalities and governments: Louisville Metro Council, New Albany City Council, Jeffersonville City Council, Clark County Commissioners , Clarksville Town Council, Sellersburg Town Council, Clark County Council and the Utica Town Board.

These eight governmental entities represent roughly 1 million people that will be most affected by the Ohio River Bridges Project, and the working people that stand to suffer the most by the burden of the threatened tolls.

Shawn Reilly co-founder of Say NO to Bridge TOLLS, said “We are are sending a clear message to the Federal Government, by providing all of these No Tolls resolutions and over 10,000 petition signatures, that our community will not stand for tolls on our bridges.”

Reilly also said “Few of our political leaders are standing up for the citizens of this community so we hope that Secretary LaHood will do the right thing and stop the Tolling Authority from making an epic mistake that threatens to cause our community years of hardship.”

Say NO to Bridge TOLLS is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

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