Good press for Artesia Fusion Bistro & Catering – but go and taste for yourself.


There’s much good press for Artesia Fusion Bistro & Catering, which is located at 133 E. Market (across from the Grand and La Bocca). Mrs. Confidential joined me there for lunch last week, the place was packed, and the food was wonderful. Check it out.

Local tastes: Artesia touts local ingredients, innovative menu choices, by Daniel Suddeath, (News and Tribune).

The menu items can change almost daily, but the motivation from which Artesia Fusion Bistro & Catering derives its selections remains constant.

It’s all about staying local for the new restaurant, which features fresh produce and grass fed beef purchased from area farmers.

Also: New Albany restaurant owners have healthful vision; Open restaurant on Market Street, by Jenna Esarey (Courier-Journal).