Ron Grooms: Profiles in abstentia.


Jeffersonville city councilman Ron Grooms, candidate for the Indiana Senate, was given a chance to shine last night, so let’s take a look at candidate/council member Grooms, presumably in mid-season legislative form.

On a no-tolls resolution revised to specify “no tolls on existing bridges,” as opposed to tolls on freshly built bridges:

Grooms ABSTAINS, and the resolution passes 5-1.

On a motion requesting that the council attorney convey to One Southern Indiana the body’s concern with 1Si’s political endorsements, and request clarification in light of the council’s annual 30K level of support for 1Si:

Grooms … ABSTAINS, and the motion passes 6-0.

Perhaps Grooms believes it to be a conflict of interest to annoy the political action committee that endorsed him.

Read all about it here: No action taken on Jeffersonville recycling resolution, by David Mann (News & Tribune).

By the way, in my unofficial capacity as part-time human, and on behalf of no known entities other than li’l ol’ me, I’m voting for Chuck Freiberger. Someone bring me ale, and let the games continue!