Tonight, Ron Grooms has yet another chance to cease his tolls fence sitting.


You can bet your sweet bippy that later this afternoon, Grooms’s in-box will be filled with fevered texts from his One Southern Indiana public policy admirers, reminding him of those wonderful endor$ements as the gifts that keep giving. Why, Ed Glasscock himself might make the (currently) toll-free river crossing just to give our G.O.P. State Senate candidate a good firming up. Here’s the scoop, via Say NO to Bridge Tolls.

Subject: Jeffersonville voting again tonight on No Tolls resolution

Council Member Keith Fetz will again be again introducing tonight a NO TOLLS resolution before the Jeffersonville City Council. Tonight’s public meeting will be held at 6:30 PM in Room 101 of City Hall, at 500 Quartermaster Court, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Thanks to the lobbying efforts of several members of Say NO to Bridge Tolls and the Indiana Tea Party Patriots, this resolution is expected to pass.

Paul Fetter, the sales manager of Clark County Auto Auction, has led the lobbying efforts in Jeffersonville, as well as being responsible for a great deal of the over 5,000 signatures already on the Say NO to Bridge Tolls petition.

Similar resolutions have already been passed by New Albany’s City Council, the Louisville Metro Council, the Clark County Council, and just last week, the Utica Town Council.

Say NO to Bridge Tolls is a broad based community group representing tens of thousands of people across Indiana and Kentucky that are opposed to any tolls being placed on existing or new bridges, and or the Spaghetti Junction, to pay for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

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