Finally, it all becomes Clere: One Southern Indiana now Grooms partisanship, endorses candidates for elected office.


I have to hurry to get this out, but I’ll say this: The whole reeking cesspool now makes sense. How can any governmental entity tithe to 1Si after this?


One Southern Indiana’s Board of Directors Endorses Candidates

Since 2008, One Southern Indiana has worked diligently to become an active advocate for business and to be more politically engaged. The Public Policy Council was formed with several key goals as outlined by our Board of Directors. A major aim of this group was to draft a Legislative Agenda that addressed issues at the Federal, State and Local level (which included input from the general membership). The Public Policy Council works to ensure that we have a government climate that encourages business growth, economic development and job creation.

The PPC has taken yet another step by recommending candidate endorsements for the November elections. Over the past few months, the PPC interviewed candidates which provided us the opportunity to see how those prospective office holders lined up with our legislative priorities. (The Legislative Agenda and the 2010 Public Policy Council members can be viewed on our website)

Yesterday the 1SI Board of Directors ratified the Public Policy Council’s recommendations. The press release below is going out this morning. This is a bold new stand for One Southern Indiana, and we wanted you all to be the first to know. We encourage you to vote, encourage your fellow workers to vote, and request that you consider these endorsements as we work to elect leaders who understand that business pays the most in taxes and business drives our economy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Michael at or 812.945.0266 ext. 202

One Southern Indiana endorses political candidates in 2010 elections

NEW ALBANY, Ind. – (September 24, 2010) – One Southern Indiana today announced its first-ever endorsements of political candidates in a general election. One Southern Indiana’s Board of Directors ratified the following endorsements as recommended by its Public Policy Council at the board’s September 23 meeting:

In the IN District 46 State Senate race – Ron Grooms

In the IN District 72 State Representative race – Ed Clere

In the IN District 71 State Representative race – Steve Stemler

In the IN 9th Congressional District race – Todd Young

Dale Gettelfinger, One Southern Indiana board member and Chair of our Public Policy Council stated, “The Public Policy Council made these recommendations after seeking face-to-face interviews with these candidates. The only exception was with Congressman Baron Hill, with whom we repeatedly tried to meet but who couldn’t find the time.” Gettelfinger also noted that, “While Steve Stemler is running unopposed; we have worked closely with Representative Stemler on a number of issues and felt his service to Clark County merited our endorsement.”
One Southern Indiana President Michal Dalby noted, “Taking a more engaged role in public policy issues that impact business was a key goal of our Board, and last year we adopted a formal Legislative Agenda. This year we took the next steps by developing a clear legislative agenda, interviewing candidates and endorsing those who we feel support our goals of growing the Clark and Floyd county economies and adding jobs.”

The following statements of decision were also adopted:

– Council Member Ron Grooms is a small business owner who knows what it is to make payroll and hire employees. He supports local government simplification and his experience in local government in Jeffersonville gives him the ability to know where we can simplify. He supports the Ohio River Bridges Project and he believes we should give our local school administrators more flexibility to improve education.

· State Representative Ed Clere believes we should let the Bridges Authority do their job and come up with the best financial plan to fund this major jobs project. He says he is not advocating eliminating collective bargaining. Instead, he is concerned the teachers unions may o become so preoccupied with it that they will forget that education is all about teaching our children. He also feels tax increases can be avoided if we work to find additional efficiencies in state and local government.

· State Representative Steve Stemler voted to delay increases on Unemployment Insurance tax last session due to a downturn in the economy. He authored the legislation that led to the current Bi-State Authority. He has worked for key legislation that has assisted in infrastructure development at the River Ridge Commerce Center and the Port of Indiana – Jeffersonville.

· Congressional Candidate Todd Young believes in real health insurance reform that bends the cost curve downward and improves access to affordable health insurance. He believes that Congress should set priorities and invest in our energy, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure. He feels the tax system should be oriented toward attracting investment and growing jobs.

Additionally, One Southern Indiana will monitor the voting records of these and other candidates to examine how their actions reflect their platforms and our legislative agenda.

We did not make endorsements in all races, and lack of an endorsement should not be interpreted as a “non-endorsement” of either candidate in a race.

Attached is the One Southern Indiana’s 2011 Legislative Agenda.

Since its creation in July 2006, One Southern Indiana’s economic development efforts have resulted in commitments for approximately 5,901 net new jobs in Clark and Floyd Counties. A total of 67 attraction and expansion projects have contributed more than $321 million in new initial capital and $205.6 million in new annual payroll to Southern Indiana.


Michael Dalby, President; One Southern Indiana – 812.945.0266 ext. 202

Tonya Fischer, VP, Investor & Government Relations; One Southern Indiana – 812.945.0266 ext. 206

Dale Gettelfinger, Chairman, Public Policy Council; One Southern Indiana – 812-945-2311