At least the Jeff council’s pro-toll vote provides us with electoral clarity with regard to Ron Grooms.


To my mind, Ron Grooms (R-Outer Space) has clearly and definitively illustrated why he is not qualified for service in the Indiana Senate.

To date, he has said he must wait until after the election (how very convenient!) to be told what to believe by the unelected bridge authority; like Ed Clere, he has deleted questions on the topic from his Facebook page; and he has cited his continuing ignorance about the topic as prime excuse for bailing out of the discussion, in spite of being repeatedly forewarned and having ample time to educate himself.

In his bridge confusion, I believe Grooms is displaying political cowardice and revealing a disturbing intellectual laziness. Speaking only for myself, I will be voting against Grooms this fall, and advise Floyd Countians to do the same.

Jeffersonville City Council won’t say no to tolls, by David Mann (Evening News)

… At one point cheers and hoots got so loud that Mayor Tom Galligan threatened to have police remove those who acted uncivil …

… (Keith) Fetz said voting against the resolution was a vote in support of tolls, which Grooms countered wasn’t fair.

“We have no information to make a sound decision. Period,” he said.