Clere to Tribune: Do as I say, not as I do.


I suppose we’ll be told that one standard of free speech applies to Facebook, and another to print journalism.

Today in the Tribune, State Representative Ed Clere expresses unhappiness at being denied free speech.

Communication will continue, by Ed Clere, Local Columnist.

He writes, “As an advocate of free speech, I always prefer more speech, not less,” and “I always appreciate constructive feedback.”

I wonder what he thinks about tolling for the bridges project? Shall we ask him? But wait … we did ask him, and such is his commitment to free speech that the questions were deleted, and the member list was purged. I didn’t do it. This blog didn’t do it. Progressives didn’t do it.

All of this is so very senseless.

I am not the enemy, never was, and never intended to be. Then, why am I being treated like the enemy? If there is some need to put me in my place, can there be an explanation of why I’m a threat to established order? I’m not running for office, and have not endorsed a candidate; in fact, this blog probably expresses more reservations about local Democrats than Republicans, but although the Democrats usually don’t pay very close attention to our recommendations, they don’t censor us, either.

Is this a set piece? The Twilight Zone? What gives?

By the way, there’ll be a column of mine appearing on Thursday. Care to guess the topic?