Say NO to Bridge Tolls invites you to an informational and a city council meeting.


(submitted … see you there on Wednesday)

Say NO to Bridge Tolls would like to invite you to:

Informational meeting, September 1st at 7:00 p.m. at Bank Street Brewhouse


New Albany City Council Meeting; September 2nd at 7:30 p.m., City County Building

One Southern Indiana is asking for $70,000 for unknown intentions. However, Mr. Dalby, president and CEO of 1si, openly supports the Ohio River Bridges Project and tolling if needed.

It is our mission that the residents of Kentucky and Indiana oppose TOLLS being placed on the Kennedy, Clark Memorial and Sherman Minton Bridges while still supporting more cross river connections. Tolls will restrict our communities’ growth and economic development.

As a small business in Southern Indiana we would like you to make your presence known at the City Council meeting. New Albany City Council recently took a formal opposition to tolling, a major step for the region. Now help us show the Council that they should not give this $70,000 to 1si, a group that opening supports the Ohio River Bridges project as proposed.

Please contact: Amy Weatherford or Shawn Reilly if you have any questions.

Please visit us on Facebook and join Say NO to Bridge Tolls

We look forward to meeting with you on the 1st and seeing you at the council meeting on the 2nd.