Or maybe the logo should display a slumlord dressed up like Zeus.


The Tribune reports that the Carnegie Center is to host the New Albany Bicentennial logo contest. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if one of the rules clearly stated, “no trite steamboat references?”

Truly, the logo possibilities are endless. My proposal is this: The cartoon character Pogo is depicted “By the River’s Edge” in the act of shattering a plate glass window with a sledgehammer: “New Albany Bicentennial 1813-2013: Meeting the enemy for 200 years, and he still is us.”

In other news, the city government web site that customarily includes city council meeting agendas seems to have disappeared, but the Tribune provides previews of tomorrow’s festivities, with a $1.8 million public safety request up for consideration, while health insurance for New Albany city workers remains hostage to hard times and the legislative body’s whim.