Supreme Court to NA: Cleopatra’s free to remain tacky, R.O.C.K. free to pray for divine intervention, remainder of us free to yawn.


As we await scathing commentary from the only public-mullah-policy entities that really matter – Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana (R.O.C.K.) and its Mohlerite chieftain, One Southern Indiana’s annual Theocrat of the Year Bryan Wickens (will God please build the downtown bridge?), it would appear that the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear New Albany’s case against the adult store now known as Perpetuall Deserted Cleopatra’s dooms the costly six-year effort to run porn out of town.

There is disagreement on this point in the local media. In Daniel Suddeath’s article for the Tribune, city attorney and autumn Indiana House candidate Shane Gibson remains mindful of possibly observant reading voters, and does not rule out future action.

Meanwhile, at the C-J, Harold Adams quotes Mayor England as being ready to end the war: Supreme Court declines to hear New Albany adult store case.

Me? I’m still waiting for R.O.C.K. to define the culture it proposes to reclaim, and to do so without rewriting history. Don’t worry. I’m not holding my breath.