The Dandy Lion opening at 310 Bank Street.


The following message from The Dandy Lion was posted as a comment and deserves marquee status. In my view, retail shops like this one and an increase in living space are the next two downtown tasks. My only complaint is that landlord Dave Thrasher is referred to as “art man,” while I’ve always known him as “wild man.” I suppose either phrase is appropriate.

Hello! I am writing on behalf of The Dandy Lion, a boutique opening @ 310 Bank Street. We are very excited to be a part of the community, and to climb on board the development of our downtown.

We will be a showcase/ storefront for independant artists, clothing designers, and jewelry makers, multi-functioning as a non-profit children’s art studio by day (as well as other valuable lessons like gardening and living organically), and a music venue by night. We are joining forces with art man Dave Thrasher and plan to do a lot of cross promoting with other downtown businesses like the NABC and hold lots of fun events!

I was excited to find your blog.

You can follow our progress at Keep rocking!

The Dandy Lion