Mexitalian: More on La Rosita and La Bocca.


Thanks to Mike Kopp for the photo. The color scheme being used on the exterior of the future La Rosita’s makes more sense given the reds and greens in the familiar logo. But, as we know, Israel’s food and a three-way alcohol permit (NABC, anyone?) that stand to transform downtown dining, and quite soon.

I’ve updated this post from earlier today: Connor’s Place ceases and will make way for an Italian-themed eatery — or so we’re told. We stopped in at Wick’s earlier tonight for Elector and pizza pie (excellent, as always), and Steve Resch came in as we were leaving. He gave us the lowdown on Connor’s departure and the advent of this new Italian-style eatery. Mike says the owners are from Staten Island.

Steve, if you’re reading: La Boca is Spanish, and La Bocca is Italian. They both mean “the mouth.” The reason my searches yielded Buenos Aires and not Rome is because I was searching Spanish, not Italian.

I am pumped. Downtown’s about to take another step forward.