Hit by falling brick lately? Don’t get “injurd,” okay?


Thanks to GH for the tip via Facebook.

Note that I normally refrain from linking to WHAS-11 owing to the web site’s obnoxious proclivities for pop-up ads, but this story (if true — can anyone verify this?) strikes a chord. In my Tribune column tomorrow, there is a fleeting reference to bricks falling into the same alley from the same persistently and willfully neglected furniture storage building.

I wrote the column before any of this came to my attention, and stand to look downright copycat. More importantly, it’s too bad about the building, one of my longtime favorites downtown. Try to ignore the ee cummings effects and read:

man permantly injurd by falling wall, by jasonthalmann

new albany should be a safe place ,but with buildings like this one,,someone else is going to get seriously injured “again,,

(Photo credit: Here)