Closer and closer to La Rosita — downtown.


It’s Cinco de Mayo, and the perfect chance to pause and reflect on the transformative power of immigration. But, I’m neither thinking in general terms of the nation’s experience with successive waves of newcomers, nor referencing recent events in Arizona.

Rather, I’m thinking about all the wonderful cultural benefits about to accrue in downtown New Albany as we approach the opening of the new La Rosita’s location on Pearl Street, because this phenomenon is going to be about far more than great food and drink. When the owners make good on their dreams for the location, we’ll be seeing an expanded Latin-American presence downtown. That’s going to be positive, and it’s going to shake some foundations.

I can hardly wait.

The back doors of La Rosita’s and Bank Street Brewhouse will be less than a football field apart. It’s going to be festive. Better yet, it’s going to be educational.

Here’s to Israel and the gang on Cinco de Mayo. Good luck, and many happy returns. We’re damned fortunate to have you here in New Albany.