“What we know about bike infrastructure: people want it.”


Thanks to HBG for the link to this posting at Fastlane, the official blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s chieftain, Ray LaHood. It includes a link to a National Public Radio piece on the same topic.

I’d like to add only this: Now more than ever, with more people of (shall we gently say) diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds on bicycles, we need to remember that just like drivers of autos, cyclists need to be taught how to do it correctly. It can be chaotic out there, especially in enforcement-challenged New Albany, not to mention the fact that few bikes come equipped with ashtrays.

What we know about bike infrastructure: people want it

We know that 90 percent of the people are not going to be cycling to work or around town. But that opportunity and that kind of alternative is something people have said they want.