New Clarksville Levee bike route, Part Two.


After passing the sewage treatment plant and Midway Park, for which there is an “exit” (one of many) from the new path, you take a sweeping turn, and the pathway shortly yields to a road called Bailey Ave., which joins Harrison Ave. by the Clark Cabin. The first view is looking back the way I came.

The second looks south to Louisville and the intersection with Harrison. You’ll be following the van (below) to pick up the continuation of the new levee bicycle path.

A moment ago, I was standing by the more distant of the Stop signs. The Clark Cabin is to the left, as is the Ohio River.

The next photo again looks back, with Harrison Ave. running alongside the levee. The new levee path continues from this point all the way to the interpretive center at the Falls of the Ohio, where it ends, descends to street level, and provides access to the Clark Memorial Bridge and downtown Jeffersonville.

To be continued.