Guardian comentary: “The Republicans are like frat boys in Animal House.”


I wouldn’t have looked to “Animal House” for analogies, but if the shoe fits …

The Republicans are like frat boys in Animal House; Reckless, anarchic and strident, the American right is living in a parallel world where fear and rage drive out the facts, by Gary Younge (Guardian).

… On the one hand there are the Blutos – characterised by their contempt for even the most basic facts. Their assertions are often not only verifiably false but patently ridiculous. The very people who claim that Obama is a Muslim were the ones who fumed about his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his pastor in Chicago. Muslims don’t have pastors. Last year the Investor’s Business Daily claimed that if the renowned scientist Stephen Hawking were British he would be dead: Hawking is British and alive.