NCAA championship or Sewergeddon? Tough choice, but luckily, I’m a masochist.


They’re lubing the turnstiles, sweeping the floors, cleaning the draft lines and preparing to roast hundreds of weenies … and in Indianapolis, there’s a basketball game tonight.

And all we got was this lousy Iditarod of pandering, ward heeling and doltishness.

We’ll make the best of it … no guts, no glory … who put that grow room in grandmaw’s cookie jar? … and so on, and so forth. We’re in. Anyone else? I’m arriving early to show off my legs. Flasks?

Previously at NAC:

Tribune sez: Just say “Steve Price” to using EDIT, TIF riverboat funds to subsidize sewers.

The return of Blevinsian neutrality.

Sewergeddon Monday: Delightfully and wonderfully us, and just as perpetually dysfunctional.