Hatred? It speaks for herself.


Periodically I’m advised that by satirizing those who differ from my point of view, I’m cheapening myself and reducing the chances for everyone to sit down at the same table and be substantive. I see the point. Perhaps there are times when this has been true.

Here’s the other side of it, something that shows what we’re up against. It may be unwise for me to satirize Vickie Denhart’s Freedom of Speech, so today, let’s just permit her hate speech to speak for itself.

By One voice

Your political career is over. Kiss your house seat goodbye.

Hussein Odumbo and Botox Pelosi mixed up a big old batch of “Baylor’s Brewhouse Kool-aid” and convinced you to drink up and walk the plank.
“You’re a bigger dumb ass than we thought.”

You said it better than we ever could:

“In the short term, it’s going to cost me!”

You got that right! “Bye, Bye…Baron Hill.

Didn’t you learn anything over the last 14 month’s?

“Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim.”